Please see below testimonials from leading industry figures who have attended other award ceremonies within the BusinessRiver's programme of events.

Andrew Mullen

Dairygold Co-Operative Society

It’s a huge team effort that goes on. I would highly recommend that everyone applies. Why not put your name out there and get recognition for what you’re doing?

John Durkan


This is a fantastic achievement for the team. It’s a team effort to look at energy, to deliver energy savings, and to deliver energy efficiency programs within our facilities. This is exceptional in terms of momentum, enthusiasm, and delivering to the team that enthusiasm to deliver more energy-efficient solutions,

Ian Hunter

Swords Pavilions

Winning the award was fantastic. Our team were delighted. We didn’t expect it. It was our first time entering this award, but we’ve done a lot of work. It’s great kudos for the work that the teams do and fantastic to get the recognition from this.