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Please see below testimonials from leading industry figures who have attended other award ceremonies within the BusinessRiver's programme of events.

“We were delighted as a team to win the award (Green Procurement Project of the Year 2017); a hard year’s effort and delighted to win it. People realise that we are doing a good job and going forward at the event next year we will try for something similar.”
-Michael Dodd, Financial Accountant & Energy Manager, An Garda Síochána – National Procurement Awards 2017


“Tonight a few of us went up to collect the award but it was on the behalf of the full team of 16 people which are based in Limerick. From our perspective, winning an award like this (Green Procurement Project of the Year 2019) really is important because it really gives us status within our sector in terms of how we are operating and the fact that people are happy to use us in terms of procurement.”
Philip Gurnett, Education Procurement Service – National Procurement Awards 2019


“We’ve been working on our green energy for the past number of years and this is our recognition that we’ve been doing something right.”
John Flahavan, Flahavan’s - Green Awards 2017


“Getting involved with the Green Awards really gets us out there in front of those that we actually do want our brand to be in font of. This is our third year of sponsoring the awards, and I suppose our core business over the last three or four years has been in the pharmaceutical industry, so sponsoring a pharmaceutical award seems like the perfect fit.”
Martin Keogh, Business Development Manager, Sirus - Green Awards 2018


“It’s been a great night tonight. We’ve seen large multi-nationals here, Energia consultants, professional services, all target clients of ours, so it’s really the type of audience that we are looking to mix with. You can’t really get in front of people face to face, if you can meet people through a connection like an event like this, it’s worth its weight in gold.”
John Keohane, CEO, Verde LED - Green Awards 2018


“An awards night like this is brilliant, it brings the industry together from all the different areas from energy, sustainability, food, tourism. It really brings everyone together to mingle and really cross-pollinate ideas they might have between the industries. It’s unbelievable how beneficial it is to everybody.”
James O’Hara, Galway Wind Park - Green Awards 2018


“At Vayu Energy it’s all about personal relationships, it’s all about getting to know organisations, getting to know people and their business needs and this is a very very good opportunity for us to meet people and to build on the relationships that we have.”
Barry Murphy, Commercial Director, Vayu Energy - Green Awards 2017


“Energia have been a sponsor of this event since 2012 and it makes sense for us to be involved with an event that’s to the forefront of low carbon and sustainability. It’s great to see so many companies here that have achieved so much over the last year and it’s a fantastic opportunity to celebrate their achievements.”
Cormac Mannion, Energy Services Manager, Energia – Green Awards 2017

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