About the Awards

Launched in 2021, the Business Energy Achievement Awards recognise and celebrate outstanding sustainable energy initiatives across Ireland. The Business Energy Achievement Awards recognise businesses and organisations that are taking a leadership role in sustainability.

This includes those who are actively working to reduce their overall energy consumption, transition to cleaner sources of power like solar or wind, implement strategic purchasing plans to secure the most efficient energy options, and even develop innovative solutions for managing and reducing their carbon footprint.

Compete across a wide range of industry categories:

Aviation | Construction | Data Centre | Financial Services | Food & Beverage | Healthcare | ICT | Manufacturing | Media | MedTech | Pharmaceuticals | Professional Services | Public Sector | Retail | Third Level Education | Tourism, Leisure & Hospitality | Transport | Utilities

The Business Energy Achievement Awards programme is brought to you by BusinessRiver. The same team behind the Green Awards, Green Food & Beverage Producer Awards, and Irish Construction Industry Awards – all prestigious events recognising environmental leadership.

Be judged by a distinguished panel of industry experts, academics, and stakeholders. Their transparent and rigorous evaluation process ensures a fair competition.

Ready to showcase your achievements?

Visit our website to learn more about the awards, application process, and key dates. Don't miss the chance to gain recognition for your environmental efforts.

This year, let your sustainable energy initiatives shine!

About the Awards