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Gerard Mullaly

Gerard Mullaly

BA, MA, PhD, Associate & Principal Investigator, Lecturer and Deputy Head of Department of Sociology & Criminology, University College Cork

Gerard Mullaly

Gerard (Ger) Mullally is a lecturer and Deputy Head in the Department of Sociology and Criminology in the School of Society, Politics and Ethics, University College Cork, specializing in the areas of environment, community, sustainable development and climate change.

He began his research career in the Centre for European Research, UCC (1992-1997), after graduating from the inaugural cohort of the M.A. in the Sociology of Development, where he was a researcher on a number of EU projects on environment and sustainable development. In 1997, he was awarded a scholarship to the Advanced Study Course Systemic Complexity and Eco-Sustainable Development, Erice, Sicily.

Ger joined the Cleaner Production Promotion Unit, CPPU (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering) in June 1998 as a Senior Researcher and Programme Manager for Regional Sustainable Development (1998-2003). He rejoined the Sociology Department in 2003 as a college lecturer and is currently a research associate in the Environmental Research Institute, the Cleaner Production Promotion Unit, Institute for Social Science in the 21st Century (ISS21), and MaREI Centre for Marine and Renewable Energy, all at UCC.

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